Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I just wanted to share with you the Alpaca yarn I am selling on Etsy. This is so squishy and wonderful! Fingering weight and 180 yards. Amazing! I bought it at a local fiber fair- the daughter of the lady selling it showed me the incredible animal it came from. What a pleasant animal it was! So calm and loved attention!

Now carrying Hand-Spun Yarn!

Okay, so this is really quite exciting! I am now selling my hand-spun yarn! Right now I only have 2 postings for yarn, but I am sure to get more up soon! One of my postings has two skeins for sale that are naturally dyed! No acid dyes! How exciting! Something so natural! Because naturally dying yarn creates different colors for each batch this will be the only color like this. They are very beautiful! Oh I am so excited!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Elephant Gloves

These are some really cool gloves! Completely designed by me! I am excited to have a product showing one of my favorite animals on it! If you are curious here is a list of some of my favorite animals:

Elephants- I think mostly because there were elephants on my baby blanket, early recognition=good memories
Rabbits- My Grandpa brought a wild rabbit from Washington for me after it's mother had died. I named it Gray-white... It was gray... and white. Yup my creativity started very young!
Poodles- Since I got a toy poodle for Christmas last year I have come to love this intelligent breed of dog.
Mice- I love the illustrations of mice that Beatrix Potter painted for her books

There are more... but those can wait for another time!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pictures of the birdhouse!

Here are pictures of the birdhouse! It can be bought at

First Birdhouse finished

I finished the first birdhouse and it is pretty nifty! I am hanging it outside today to see if the birds take an interest. After that I will post on Etsy and see if anyone else thinks it is as cool as I do! I will post a picture soon.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I am working on some felted birdhouses right now and I am very excited. I can hear the birds beginning to come back and waiting for some place warm to begin a new home.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Theme for winter

I have decided that I am going to knit themed items for my etsy shop. For this winter- Jan to March- the theme is "Woodland". I have some amazing ideas that will knock your socks off! I will give you a clue for my first item:
The design is based off of something that floats in water,
It is the same color as dirt
and it is cut in half.

Post your guesses!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


A short introduction!

My name is Brooke Bowen, and yes I am a crafter! I am started this blog in conjunction with my etsy store ( check it out at Career-wise I am an artist, I paint landscapes "en plein air". On my extra time I can't help but spin and knit! Since my home is filled with my items, I thought it best to share them with the outside world. Hope you love what you see!

Brooke Bowen