Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cloche Patterns written up, Piper and Chloe, and new Etsy Site!

I got a request the other day for my Cloche patterns (all three!). I had written one but this got me to write up the other two. And all at once Ravelry let me upload my patterns. So now my patterns are up for sale on Ravelry (finally...). You can check them out by searching for: BrookeBowen, and then going under my original designs.

Piper and Chloe is coming up again this year. For fall/winter it is going to be the first weekend of November at the same fine venue it was for spring! They will begin featuring vendors on their blog in a couple weeks:

I have been working on changing my etsy shop to . I have decided to begin switching over all my items in September, in time for fall. I will also be posting some of my new fall items that will also be for sale at the fall/winter Piper and Chloe showcase! New Changes A'Comin!

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