Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fiber Fun!

This past weekend was the Great Basin Fiber Festival. Unfortunately I was out of town and couldn't make it, but because I have the most wonderful Mother in the world she went for me and spent even more money then I could have! She is planning on giving me some for birthday and Christmas and gave me a "small" amount of fiber to keep me busy until then. It ended up being a pound of very soft white alpaca! Very beautiful fiber and it allows me the opportunity to continue my dying experiments. I recently came into more fiber when my toy poodle became a crazy poodle mess of hair and I trimmed her myself. And no, I am not anything close to a groomer! Here are some pictures. A picture of Cleo all shaggy after playing in the sprinklers, a pile of fiber halfway through her haircut, and Cleo halfway through her haircut. Oh and another picture of my Dad's dog in a sweater I made for her!

1 comment:

  1. Too bad you missed the fair. It was awesome, I thought. I'm glad you had a surogate shopper. =)