Friday, December 11, 2009

A Special opportunity for YOU!

I just finished one of my most favorite hats/tams. It is way cute, and it is just finishing being blocked before I attach it to my head! While I don't have any pictures (quite yet), I have the pattern written up and am looking for a couple of 'test knitters'! THIS COULD BE YOU!

Intermediate to Advanced (if you can do lace and bobbles and can follow a pattern well, you are good to go!)
knitted on US 4 needles with dk weight yarn (I used Elsebeth Lavold's Silky-Wool)
It requires between 225-250 yards (used just barely 200... too close for comfort)

The only requirement is that you look for my mistakes, and tell me how I can make it more understandable. If you want to help me out with this pattern before it is unleashed on the public, you can contact me here in the comments, on facebook, or Ravelry (BrookeBowen).

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  1. You are such a creative knitter, especially for one who is fairly new to the craft/art. Your designs are awesome and well done.