Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Activity Jar

Brad and I decided that we waste most of our time doing unproductive things. Most of those unproductive activities we do under the pretense that we need "a break" or some time to ourselves. So we made a list of 62 activities (the number is still growing) that we want to do and some things that just need to get done. Here are a few:

go stargazing
clean the cars
build a rocking chair
read a book
refinish the back porch
plant flowers
plan a double date
buy a potted plant
give Cleo a bath

I went to the scrapbook store, bought cute paper, and cut the paper into 1/2" x 4" strips. I wrote all the activities on the strips of paper (you can get 62 strips from one 12"x 12" paper). We put these strips into a jar and now get to pick spontaneous activities to do when we feel like we are wasting our time. This easy idea could be used for children too, or dinners, or for picking your next knitting project!

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