Monday, August 30, 2010

Extra Terrestial, New Sweater, Rain, and Moving Boxes.

It has been too long since I updated my blog, just around 24 weeks. I do have a fairly good excuse this time around: I am 24 weeks pregnant! I am also starting school again (today) and we are buying a house.

I just finished an adorable sweater for 'Brutus' (as my Father has named him) from a vintage pattern provided through Vintage Purls, it is the Baby Vest (Ravelry Link). My first finished project with sock yarn and I am very proud.

Now that the baby is moving around regularly it is interesting to feel another creature inside you almost constantly! Yesterday the dog barked and woke him up. This morning I woke up to lightning and thunder and the baby did also. He has a favorite position already which leaves only one side of my belly sore by the end of his late-night workout. He sleeps all afternoon-during my ultrasounds. Apparently babies can curl up tight enough to not get a profile shot.

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